Key Organise, Monitor & Action Your Workshop Events Performance Indicators

The Vehocheck workshop dashboard landing screen gives you real-time status indicators for all of your workshop events.

More than just a workshop organiser. Directly from your calendar you can schedule, monitor and action all manner of workshop items, from setting up a PMI check to be actioned by the fitter to setting Tacho Calibration dates for the next 20 years.

Intelligent Repair Management

Vehicle defects and repairs can be fully managed and serviced through the workshop dashboard.

Defects can be managed through dynamically generated repair sheets or intelligent job cards. The job card system will highlight warranty issues, not just on vehicle warranty status but will also alert the user if a part being replaced is still within its warranty period – another example of cost-saving with Vehocheck.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMIs)

PMI checks can be performed directly from the Vehocheck workshop dashboard using either a tablet or a notebook.

Electronic PMIs are simple to conduct and any issues identified can immediately be flagged for repair or monitoring. Vehocheck will even allow you to upload your paper PMI documents and convert them to an electronic format, categorising any defects in the system database and initiating the repair process, giving a full electronic audit.