Key Performance Indicators

The Vehocheck dashboard landing screen gives you real-time status indicators for all of your vehicles/assets and drivers/machine operators.

The Key Performance Indicators give an immediate overview of what has happened, what hasn’t happened and what it is costing you, whilst the Vehocheck notification bar shows you what important company events are coming up. As an event becomes near, the notification will become more prominent.

Data Interrogation

Your vehicle defect and repair data is presented visually, in a way that is easily understood and can be easily interrogated.

Need to update a vehicle’s VOR status directly from the dashboard landing screen? – no problem. Fleet management is simple with Vehocheck. Why not let us show you how easy it is? Contact us today to view an online interactive demonstration.

Vehocheck gives you a 360° view of your fleet and asset compliance, alerting you to defects immediately and provides a fully traceable maintenance and repair audit.

View large clear defect images, with quality preserved through the Vehocheck image compression technology. Categorise defect status and generate repair worksheets or job cards. You can even auto-categorise defects using the Vehocheck machine learning A.I.